America Bud, Puppy Lyst & Swedish Meatspin: John's Weird Week

That was probably a weirder week than usual if I'm honest, the ad industry seems to be reaching critical mass as brands find creative ways to vie for attention.

Here are the stories that caught my eye.

1. Budweiser has literally rebranded as America in America for the American election. Need I say more.

2. Fashion retailer Lyst gained wide-spread notoriety (and attention) for appearing to sell dogs - they weren't.

3. Some Swedes were hit with some hardcore Meatspin porn after an adboard was hijacked by a mischevious hacker. Secure your panels guys!

And if you've not had your fill, check out last week's round-up.

Leicester won the football, brands that tried to hijack the good vibes, creatives wanted to unleash hordes of cats upon a London Tube Station and a misguided American duo wanted to raise aid and awareness of poverty in "industrial wasteland" Glasgow.

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