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Social Buzz Chat: Tiger's head of social media Linda Ghabain talks influencers and Instagram

In a special edition of this week's Social Buzz Chat, The Drum's community manager Adam Libonatti-Roche headed out to Copenhagen to catch up with Danish retailer Tiger's head of social media Linda Ghabain.

As well as discussing her roots in fashion, and how she landed her current role, Ghabain delved into the topic of Instagram influencers and what the platform's algorithm change will mean for brands.

"It's going to put a lot more pressure on the quality of the content shared on Instagram," she noted.

"So if before [brands] could have got away with any kind of picture, more or less, but now you really have to pay attention to it being on-brand and communicating to the right target group and also thinking outside of the box - asking how you can reach new followers in this situation," she added.

The series accompanies The Drum’s weekly Social Buzz chat, which usually takes place every Tuesday between 7-8pm GMT. You can follow and contribute on Twitter using the hashtag #SMBuzzChat.

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