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FedEx gifts its Europa League sponsorship to charity for young Liverpool fans

FedEx recently handed its Uefa Europa League sponsorship assets over to charity to enable over 100 children from underprivileged backgrounds the chance to walk out with Liverpool’s players.

FedEx’s decision to gift the sponsorship rights to the Uefa Foundation and children’s charity Street League marks the first time that a sponsor has handed over its sponsorship assets in full.

The 110 children chosen came from community football clubs in Liverpool, Seville and Basel and were given the opportunity to walk out with the players at Liverpool’s recent semi-final against Villarreal.

Allan Garratt, Street League managing director, said: “The kids will remember this for the rest of their lives. They’ll tell their families, they’ll be on the pitch and see their heroes and have the chance to look around and see 45,000 people. The whole thing is fantastic.

“They’re families normally wouldn’t be able to afford a ticket so the fact that they can do this is just brilliant.”

“Some of them are local kids, they’re from the Anfield area. To be invited to the semi-final, such a big prestigious tournament. We’re really thankful to the Uefa foundation and FedEx for sponsoring them.

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