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The Drop rosé wine launches packaged like beer to appeal to 'bros'

Alcoholic beverage company Mangrove Estates has launched a new brand of rosé wine aimed at millennial men who are fans of the pink drink.

Packaged to look like a beer can, the brand and design for The Drop was created by Safari Sundays, who wanted the drink to appeal to "a specific type of millennial bro".

The agency created a ‘work hard, play hard, live rosé’ brand world, with visual cues to a sunny long weekend. The can features the tag line ‘Quality grape-age, no breakage… ‘ which has been designed to sum up the brand ethos.

Adam Walko, creative director, Safari Sundays, said: "Embracing all the good stuff and none of the compromise, exactly what millennials expect."

He added: "Our logo boldly challenges the elegance of the rosé wine category with an authenticity and impact usually reserved for beer. We chose a fresh, cool color palette that proudly reflected the product inside and built a collection of secondary seals and mottos such as rose gold stains, rally cries and a lobster breaking a corkscrew to create a bigger story for the crew and their fun, free lifestyle."

The Drop will be available in New York and Long Island from May 2016.