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AppNexus heralds the ‘programmable internet’ with Streaming Data beta


By Ronan Shields, Digital Editor

May 10, 2016 | 3 min read

The ad tech outfit claims its new features will let media companies optimise campaigns in real-time

AppNexus has today (10 May) announced that its Streaming Data feature is now in a limited beta trial, meaning both media buyers and sellers using the ad tech outfit’s wares can now use audience insights to optimise ad campaigns in real-time.

Streaming Data is available to selected players on both the buy- and sell-side of the industry, with AppNexus claiming the new feature is a “a radical departure from batch data processing” - whereby customers would have to optimise against recent (as opposed real-time) campaign data. Previously this was the industry norm.

Andrew Eifler, VP of product management for AppNexus’ Advertiser Technology Group (ATG), said: “Batch data processing was adequate in the age of the programmatic internet.

“But it doesn’t work for the programmable internet, which is highly customised and dynamic. Streaming Data allows advertisers to react to campaign performance moment-by-moment, rather than hour-by-hour. That’s the new table stakes, and any platform that can’t deliver on this requirement is behind the curve.”

Whereas batch data processing requires marketers and publishers wait a period of hours, or even days to see campaign results, the Streaming Data update, means 70 per cent of served impressions arrive in less than 10 seconds, while results on 90 per cent of served impressions arrive within 30 seconds.

Using AppNexus’ Streaming Data feature, marketers will be able to determine whether their budgets are reaching the right sites or targeting the right audience segments in real-time. This means they can then redirect ad spend to other platforms, devices and formats that better fulfil their campaign KPIs, according to the ad tech outfit.

“Batch data processing is built for the programmatic internet of static websites and email,” Eifler continued. “But the programmable internet, with its vast network of interconnected consumers and devices, and its dynamic and customisable user experience, demands a real-time decision engine. Streaming Data is foundational to that purpose.”

The announcement of the latest feature is part of AppNexus’ renewed market positioning which asserts that the age of ‘programmatic age’ is dead, or at least consigned to the internet era of desktop internet.

Instead we are now entering the ‘programmable age’, where automated advertising technologies can be used to conduct omni-channel campaigns, including traditional media channels, such as outdoor, and TV, etc., and will also embrace emerging connected homes such as connected homes and wearables.

Writing in Forbes magazine recently, Brian O’Kelley, AppNexus, CEO, explained his vision of how this new ‘programmable age’ will rest upon four pillars: the data economy; enhanced machine learning; frictionless supply chains and transparency, plus growth hacking.

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Programmable Advertising Appnexus Programmatic

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