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Sina Weibo agrees data deal with Nielsen to help boost digital ad measurement in China

Sina Weibo has brokered a deal with Nielsen that will see its data being used by the measurement firm to create a digital measurement ratings standard.

The deal is a significant one for marketers in China, as Nielsen claims in the announcement that ‘marketers had no means to measure whether the advertising was effectively delivered to the audiences they seek’.

Sina Weibo is often cited as similar to Twitter as it follows a similar microblogging format. The service has about 30 per cent penetration of the online population in China, with about 100 million messages being posted per day.

Del Levin, vice-president of Nielsen China, said: “In the age of precision marketing, where the use of data management platforms and programmatic trading is on the rise, marketers are demanding more than traditional demographics and are increasingly segmenting consumers based on their online behavior.”

The two businesses will now work together, alongside another Chinese digital firm Tencent, to build out a standard, with the end aim being to help advertisers more accurately measure ROI, particularly on mobile.

"The difference of mobile internet marketing is the accurate recognition for the user's identity and interests, and can help brands interact with users online deeply, so as to enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and advertising ROI. Weibo’s partnership with Nielsen is in a wish to establish metrics that can help enterprises’ transition to mobile internet," said Wang Yajuan, vice-president of Sina Weibo.

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