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May 5, 2016 | 3 min read

StubHub wants people to get up off the couch and enjoy experiences and events in a new brand identity campaign it hopes will foster stronger connections with its audience and partners.

The ticket marketplace is tapping in to people’s desire for sharing experiences on social media by implementing a new business strategy and brand identity focused on encouraging people to share the journey of planning an event through to post-event experiences.

StubHub's rebranding effort comprise a marketing campaign in the US, Canada, UK and Germany, a new logo and a library of five colours, designed to give the business the flexibility to target different audiences and work with different brand partners from singers to boxers. The logo also features a speech bubble which can flex to showcase the event or artist that consumers are going to see.

Speaking to The Drum Charles Davies, international marketing director, StubHub said that the impetus for the rebrand came from the insight that the best experiences happen “outside our normal routines”.

“Looking at the traditional competitor landscape it is a very transactional marketplace currently and competitors are very much focused on that. From a StubHub perspective we want to bring more experiences to the customer so that is how we are initially focusing the creative work but we will be following up with product features to enhance that as well as utilising our social strategy.

“We have a new design book that allows us to tailor things from Adele to boxing to whatever it may or may not be. We [also] have a brand design that lends itself to multiple genres and that really reflects our shift in business strategy because we are doing a lot more deals and offering more experiences to the end customers.”

To encourage consumers to share their experiences, StubHub is running the ‘Your ticket out’ campaign, which will be active across outoor, radio, cinema and digital display. Ads will show the build-up and anticipation felt leading up to live events contrasted by a man in a dark room at home microwaving left over food for dinner.

“We are encouraging consumers to share that they are thinking about going, that they have bought a ticket and when they are going to go,” said Davies. “This comes through in the social media strategy that we have because if you are going to a concert you want to know who else is going, when they are going to turn up, which bar they might be going to and where they might be going after the event. So it’s encouraging people to share more about their planning experience.”

StubHub worked with Goodby Silverstein & Partners and Gutenberg on the rebrand and campaign.

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