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Creatives take to Kickstarter to plaster the London tube with Cats

A group of creatives are looking to break up the monotonous swirl of ads targeting the wallets of consumers by plastering one of London’s tube stations in cat ads.

Taking to Kickstarter, a “group of creative people” called Glimpse are trying to raise £23,000 with a campaign called Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (Cats).

Its crowdfunding drive reads: "Wouldn’t it be great not to worry about the holiday we can't afford, the car we don’t need, or the body we don’t have? Imagine a world where public spaces made you feel good."

Cats claims the TFL has valued the ad space of one of its smaller stations in the region of £20k so the drive still has a bit of distance to travel from its current £5k on the site.

It adds that the campaign is: “ Dumb yes, but also this is about trying something, flexing our collective voice in the most idiotic of ways. From all this madness something amazing could happen. Perhaps we'll start to realise that buying stuff isn't making us happy.”

Anyone who donates over £100 can feature their cat on the creative.

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