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The Importance of Social Media Branding - #SMBuzzChat Roundup

By Gary J Nix, Blogger

May 4, 2016 | 4 min read

There is a saying used by many, often attributed to entrepreneur George Bradt, that states, "People don't buy products, they buy brands," which refers to the fact consumers don't buy what you are they but who you are. In today's business world, while having the best product possible has its advantages, it is just as important, if not more, to ensure that you are building and cultivating the relationship with your customer. Due to these facts, it was deemed appropriate to discuss how the ubiquitous medium known as social media could facilitate the process of strengthening the relationship between brands and people on yesterday's (Tuesday 3rd May) #SMBuzzChat. To get a look at the conversation and to see why I believe the relationship is important, check out my roundup below, which includes my answers to the questions set.

social buzz chat with gary j nix from new york

Question 1: What is it about branding, in general, that makes social media such a good fit?

Since so much of branding is about creating affinity, gaining equity and fostering relationships, the act of being social is a natural fit. The fundamental components of connectivity within brand activity are based on social efforts. Additionally, while the ability for businesses to positively scale such connections through social channels was graciously pointed out in today's conversation, the process of linking consumers to both brands and other consumers through social interaction is where the focus needs to be.

Here's what the community thought:

Question 2: What do you think is the most important element to connect social media to the brand?

I tend to look at the elements of any brand in two distinct, but highly associated categories: intellectual and emotional. Thus, because what we do in social situations -- whether on or offline -- are so often lead by how we feel at the or over time, I would argue that emotional elements such as reputation, integrity, relationships and trust are most important. This, by no means, diminishes intellectual brand elements such as identity, positioning, strategy,, mission, vision, value and quality, as they are all important. With that being said, intellectual elements such as these are facilitators to get you to a place filled with more emotion and then, by definition better connected. Here's what the community thought:

Question 3: Why is Engagement important?

To begin, engagement is data you can measure that tests what you've done to make people aware of what you have to offer. It's an important step that can help bolster connection and conversation which is how you begin to attain participation from both your business and its consumers. It is imperative to identify, recognise and create points wherein you can engage with consumers in a human way. We must always remember: businesses in general and corporations specifically are made up of people. People whom at some point in the day either has or or will be a consumer.

Here's what the community thought:

Question 4: Do consumers think social media is important?

Consider this: nowadays, people experience and relate to the world and the people in it through their devices. We are seemingly beholden to mobile phones and other types of tech, the vast majority of which has some sort of social layer. Add on to this, the powers of persuasion and influence ingrained into human beings as well as we communicate on a regular basis with others in our personal network(s), so consumers find social media very important. We all have things to say and because social media has done such a great job democratizing communication, it remains part of the public's fabric. You must always keep that in mind. Here's what the community thought:

The Drum Awards For Social Media

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