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Rebecca Waring

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Les Seifer

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Tropicana pushes health benefits in juice dispensing digital billboard

Tropicana is pushing the health benefits of consuming its orange juice through a digital billboard in London that dispenses fresh juice to passersby.

Through the interactive experience, the public can watch 'Little Glass' explain the nutrients contained in a glass of Tropicana's 100 per cent orange juice whilst inviting people to dispense 150ml of the drink from the digital billboard.

The integrated campaign is designed to communicate Tropicana’s ‘Little Glass’ proposition, which aims to show how 150ml of the brand's juice has "plenty of good stuff in it".

The experience at Westfield London lasts less than 60 seconds per person and a looping bespoke animation amplifying the campaign messaging will be visible on the digital billboard throughout.

Tropicana’s marketing director, Jeremy Gibson said: “The digital billboard is an exciting visual representation of the Little Glass campaign. We want to engage and educate consumers of the many benefits of drinking 150ml of Tropicana each morning.”

The experiential event runs alongside a wider TV, social media and print advertising campaign, and will be captured in photos and videos for further PR and social amplification.