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Social Media and TV: A match made in heaven - #SMBuzzChat roundup with Audiense's Javier Burón


By Adam Libonatti-Roche, Freelance creative

April 28, 2016 | 5 min read

The Drum's Social Buzz Chat or #SMBuzzChat to its friends, likes to address a diverse range of topics and the recent chat with Javier Burón of Audiense was no exception to this rule.

javier buron

Focusing on the art of social in TV, the tweetchat saw opinion coming in from all over the globe with participants ignoring the constraints of time zone (and dinner plans) to be part of this exclusive chat and for a rare opportunity to engage with the chief executive and founder of Audiense.

If you missed Javier’s chat, then be aware that #SMBuzzChat takes place every Tuesday at 7pm GMT on Twitter through the Buzz Awards account. It’s a smart casual-style affair where we combine professional opinion with a side order of humour; the perfect evening we believe.

Read through the tweet roundup below, including opinion and answers from Javier Burón.

Question 1: How do you plan which TV shows to integrate into your social strategy?

Javier Burón: As a marketer, you will get the best results by using social data to find out what TV shows your audiences are talking about and which stars and shows they follow. Once you’ve looked at the data, ask yourself if there is a connection with your brand, does the show make sense for your brand’s voice, or is it forced. Remember to explore genres too, similar TV Shows will attract similar audiences. And if you’ve got budget Twitter Amplify is an excellent product to join forces with.

Here’s what the community thought:

Question 2: When Tweeting about a TV show, is it more important to plan a strategy in advance or respond in real time?

J.B.: Responses needs to be done in real time, your audience will be responding live so you should too. But preparation of visual and data resources will help you act fast, allowing you to react to whatever happens. Taking the time to analyse the audience can tell you what’s likely to make the them tick. You can also work with your creative team to put together content prior to the show. Asos Menswear did this recently, preparing a blog related to Game Of Thrones and fashion, ready to Tweet when the show aired.

Here’s what the community thought:

Question 3: When engaging with a TV show’s audience, what’s the most important measure of success?

J.B.: Relevance combined with relevance, just because it’s trending doesn’t mean you need to jump on it. There has to be strategic benefit to you joining the conversation. Reach is great, but it can’t be the end goal as it loses meaning without context. If your goal is to reach the right audience - then now we’re talking. Looking into the 'who' behind the retweets, replies, or mentions will help you determine if the audience you were connecting with during the show was the right one for your brand. Here’s what the community thought (Special shout out to Cassandra Hayes and Pollyanna Ward here for their thoughts on brands jumping in on fandom)

Question 4: After the show, what’s a key aspect for a follow-up strategy?

J.B.: Analysing the entire conversation will help you understand the content and the people behind it. This insight can be used to tell you how you performed, and if the show was the correct choice for your audience. It can also inform your wider strategy whether that’s TV and social, blog content, or media planning. What’s next? You now have access to a captivated audience from the show, use the insight from the tweets to build and execute paid follow up campaigns.

Here’s what the community thought:

The Drum's Social Buzz chat takes place on Twitter every Tuesday at 7pm.

Smbuzzchat Audiense Game of Thrones

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