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KFC trials edible tortilla bowls (Bowlz) in India to cut back waste

KFC is apparently experimenting with edible bowls in the latest of a line of innovations, this time in India.

Although largely a stunt, the company is looking to cut down on plastic and paper waste with a new product called ‘Rice Bowlz. The Bowlz are made from tortilla and will contain rice, chicken and gravy.

The tortilla bowl will be tested in Bangalore.

Rahul Shinde, managing director of KFC India, said: “We will not charge more for our edible bowls ... We will wait for consumer response and depending on the pace of adoption, we may roll the concept out to other items on our menu."

It comes as there is a ban placed upon plastic packaging in the region, so the trial disruption may well help in cutting down waste.

It’s not KFC’s first foray into edible packaging either. It trailed the ‘Scoffee-ee Cup’ in 2015, an edible biscuit cup.

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