Reebok stomped for failing to stock Ripley from Aliens' sneakers in women's sizes

Reebok’s special edition trainers tributing Alien-stomping Ellen Ripley has soured over the news they are not available in female sizes.

Despite Signourey Weaver’s Ellen Ripley being one of the essential female leads even to date, Reebok failed to make the sci-fi style boots available in women’s sizes.

The trainers are only available in men’s sizes 8 to 12, and this discovery upset many Ripley fan’s on socialmedia who were keenly awaiting the sneaks.

Released to coincide with #AlienDay426, reflecting the fact 26 April aligns with planet LV-426 (4/26) sort of.

Some social media users gave Reebok food for thought after the cool promotion quickly turned south.

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