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The Drum launches latest phase of research into brands' use of customer data

The Drum has launched a survey of its readers to explore how marketers are using consumer data.

The survey, in partnership with Tealium, is the latest in The Drum’s in-depth programme of research into how brands are using data to transform their marketing function

Brands today are collecting more data on their consumers than ever before, but the real question is how effectively this data is being used and what impact it has on both business efficiency and thebottom line.

In addition to generating data for the final report, the survey itself has been designed to make the actual process itself beneficial.

The survey, which takes no more than 10 minutes, has been set up by The Drum to also act as a health check for respondents on how effectively they are using consumer data.

We want to find out how marketers are using consumer data to gain insights that change their core business functions and the overall impact these insights and business changes can have on the business bottom line.

Launching in partnership with real-time customer data solutions and enterprise tag management company Tealium, the survey will inform the Drum Market Insight – Data Activation Edition report, which will outline key findings on how useful todays marketers are finding consumer data insights.

To take part in our survey please click here.

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