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Chevy runs ‘Little Red Corvette’ Prince social media tribute as a print ad

Chevy has repurposed its social media creative paying tribute to Prince in a number of US newspapers this weekend.

Following the passing of music superstar Prince, brands pitched into the mourning for better, or worse (I'm looking at you Cheerios).

Chevy was one such contributor, with it making a play on Prince song ‘Little Red Corvette’ with a somber tribute of its own featuring the car.

AdWeek reports that Chevy agency Commonwealth/McCann commissioned the social media creative for a number of newspapers, including USA Today, Detroit News/Free Press, Los Angeles Times, the New York Times and the Minneapolis Star Tribune.

When the post was originally shared earlier this week, BMB partner and The Drum guest editor Trevor Beattie condemned the auto firm, branding them as “hearse-chasing cretins”.

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