Bank of England tasks Cyber-Duck with creating website to publicise the £5 polymer banknote

The Bank of England has chosen digital agency Cyber-Duck to build a website to generate publicity for the new £5 note.

The notes, featuring Sir Winston Churchill, will come into circulation in September and the agency has been tasked with ensuring that the public can access a website to learn about the new high tech currency. It will detail the banknote’s design and security features.

Danny Bluestone, chief executive of Cyber-Duck: “The first time you receive a polymer £5, you want to know that it’s the real thing.

“The website we’re producing for the Bank of England will help to remove any doubts as consumers will be able to engage with the bank note online well before they see it in person.”

As part of the selection process, Cyber-Duck recommended a number of creative ways to make users familiar with the new note, including innovative uses of animation and video claims Paolo Valenziano, head of digital at the Bank of England.