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'Boaty McBoatface' officially tops public RSS #NameOurShip vote

The British public has overwhelmingly voted in favour of naming a £200m Royal Research Ship (RRS) 'Boaty McBoatface'.

The unusual frontrunner took the internet by storm last month following the Natural Environment Research Council's (Nerc) #NameOurShip campaign, which asked the public to suggest titles for the vessel.

The polls closed yesterday (16 April) and though over 7000 choices were available, 'Boaty McBoatface' remained a clear winner for UK voters. The name clocked up 124,109 votes, coming miles ahead of the second most popular choice 'Poppy Mai' which had just 34,245 in comparison.

'Henry Worsley', 'It's Bloody Cold In Here', and 'David Attenborough' also made it into the top five.

Whether the ship will officially take the title remains to be seen since Nerc's competition rules state it that will have the final say on on the name.

'Boaty McBoatface' found its way into the competition after being suggested by former BBC Radio Jersey presenter James Hand, who said he found the list of possible names humorous, and decided to "throw one into the ring" himself. Upon realising his idea had gone viral he "apologised profusely" to Nerc.

The ship will set sail in 2019 and will study ice sheets, ocean currents and marine life as part of the Cambridge-based British Antarctic Survey.

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