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EU referendum steps up a gear with launch of official in and out campaigns

Campaigning for the referendum on Britain’s membership of the European Union has stepped up a notch today with the start of official campaigning by the bodies chosen to represent voters wishing to remain within the 28 member group and those who wish to leave.

Britain Stronger in Europe and Vote Leave are each able to spend £7m propagating their message over the next 10 weeks ahead of the 23 June vote through a succession of events, rallies and literature designed to win over swing voters.

To mark the occasion former chancellor Alistair Darling of Stronger In will warn of ‘credible warnings of economic disaster’ should Britain leave whilst Vote Leave will counter that withdrawal would allow money spent on Europe to be reallocated to the NHS.

Each grouping will be allocated £600k of public funds in addition to a free mailshot and a national TV broadcast with secondary registered campaign groups subject to a smaller £700k spending limit.