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Future of TV Daredevil SimilarWeb

The top ten shows on Netflix and Hulu in March 2016


By Natan Edelsburg, SVP

April 14, 2016 | 5 min read

To Netflix and Hulu's delight, their originals are topping the charts of the most watched shows in March. For Netflix, the return of Daredevil is number and one for Hulu their James France 11.22.63 continues to rise in popularity. Here are the charts and insights from SimilarWeb.


  • Marvel’s Daredevil released its second season on Netflix on March 18th and fans are simply loving it. The show is extremely popular on Netflix and took 56% of the top traffic share over the period we examined. The newest season has 13 episodes so we’ll see in April whether Netflix users are still busy finishing up Daredevil.
  • Also releasing a new season in March was House of Cards, whose fourth season dropped on March 4th. Claire and Frank Underwood have once again been busy in the political arena and Netflix fans have been busy watching the show throughout the month.
  • In February, Fuller House ranked in 1st, edging out Better Call Saul who came in second. In March, however, both shows saw a dip and Fuller House fell to third, while Better Call Saul dropped to fifth.
  • Arrested Development’s creator Mitch Hurwitz teamed up with one of the show’s stars, Will Arnett, to create the new Netflix series ‘Flaked’. The show premiered and released its first season on March 11th and initial response has been pretty solid. The show debuts on our rankings in fourth place with 4% of the top traffic.
  • Where is ‘Love’? The romantic comedy was February’s third most popular Netflix show but is nowhere to be seen in the March rankings.
  • Some Netflix shows are popular no matter what time period or month we look at. These shows include Family Guy, Breaking Bad, Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, and Friends. All 5 shows remain among the top 10 for yet another month.


  • Based on the Stephen King novel 11/26/63, the TV show of the same name is once again the top show on Hulu with 23% of the top traffic share. If you haven’t heard of the show, it’s certainly time to check it out, as Hulu users have been doing throughout March.
  • Cashing in on Donald Trump jokes, Saturday Night Live had an amazing March, jumping up from fifth in February to second in the current rankings.
  • Unlike Torrent users, Hulu’s audience has been very consistent with their affinity for comedy shows. Brooklyn Nine Nine was once again the third most popular show of the month while Family Guy, Modern Family, South Park, and The Daily Show with Trevor Noah were all able to maintain positions among the top 10.
  • Two new comedies were able to crack this month’s top 10 most popular Hulu shows: New Girl and Broad City. Broad City may have benefited from some increased exposure this month as the March 16th episode featured presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.
  • The Flash has disappeared from this month’s rankings, after it ranked in fourth place overall last month. The show was still airing new episodes in March, but it appears Hulu users have lost some interest.

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Future of TV Daredevil SimilarWeb

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