Johnson and Gove’s Vote Leave campaign named as official face of the Brexit ahead of Leave.EU

Months after infighting emerged among the numerous groups seeking a UK exit from the EU, a cross-party coalition has been named the official party of the campaign by the electoral commission.

The group has been named ahead of the Leave.EU group in which Ukip leader Nigel Farage would have helped guide.

Vote Leave enjoys support from Tory campaigners such as Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Chris Grayling and is expected to appoint Labour’s Gisela Stuart as chair.

The group has been afforded the right to spend its £7m in funding in the run up to June’s referendum.

Arron Banks, founder of Leave.EU movement accordingly said he was to consult his legal team to ensure the electoral commission acted within the law in rewarding Vote Leave the title.

The Drum’s advertising columnist, Jeremy Lee, weighed in on the Brexit campaigns arguing they should take inspiration from the Green Party’s recent slots.