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Waitrose attaches a GoPro to Mo the Cow to show its livestock grow

Supermarket brand Waitrose is channelling the power of the live stream to show viewers the conditions some of its livestock are reared in.

The new ‘Spring’ advertising campaign from Adam & Eve/DDB will see the brand live stream footage from its Leckford Estate farm in Hampshire to busy commuter areas such as a big screen at Waterloo station on Friday.

Footage from three locations will be shared through the campaign, showing picturesque countryside views, beehives and more. Following the live activation on Friday (15 April) the footage will be used to assemble three TV commercials.

Rupert Thomas, marketing director, Waitrose, said, according to the Daily Mail: “We've always been proud of where our food comes from, and the care and commitment our farmers and suppliers put into producing it.

‘We have never compromised on quality, and never will - but rather than telling customers what we do, we've decided to show them in an open and honest way.”

The following ads will focus on the brand’s free range eggs and fresh fish counters.

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