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The Organic Balance Morning Report reveals morning mayhem for many women


By Doug Zanger | Americas Editor

April 12, 2016 | 5 min read

In a campaign filled with candor, Organic Valley, in support of their Organic Balance milk protein shake, has taken an interesting (and entertaining) approach to sharing real insights into the routines of women in the US.

The integrated digital campaign, “The Organic Balance Real Morning Report” by Chattanooga, Tennessee-based Humanaut, for the farmer-owned cooperative, shines a bright light into the ever-elusive quest for work/life balance (it’s really hard to do, by the way) of women, specifically focused on a very finite window of time: mornings.

The foundation for the work is in the form of a fairly in-depth, scientific and sometimes quirky survey conducted by SoundView Research, focused on over 1,000 American women aged 25 to 54 who work full time. The campaign launches today by posting the initial “Real Morning Report” findings online and encouraging others to contribute to the survey.

It is also supported by a (hilarious) 90-second kick-off video that spoofs the "wonderfully balanced" women who appear to have it all. The fantasy in the video quickly transitions to what “real life” is like. Its aim is to not only reveal the secret truths about women’s morning habits, but also intends to debunk the myth of the “perfect woman” as oftentimes seen on TV, Facebook and Instagram — and in the video itself (hat tips for perfect casting throughout the video, "journaling in my journaling nook" and "that seems kind of high.").

“Despite what our Facebook and Instagram feeds may look like, our sense was that people's lives, especially women's lives, are becoming even more hectic and busy,” said David Littlejohn, founder and chief creative officer for Humanaut. “And mornings are the time we are all rushing and juggling the most. The idea that anyone has time for a wholesome, organic farm-fresh breakfast in the morning seemed laughable.”

The seemingly perfect life of "journaling in my journaling nook" (I'm still laughing at that) is now replaced with some “real talk” and real data about the sheer nuttiness that modern life entails — like answering business emails on the toilet or wearing the same bra five consecutive days or more, which 26 per cent of the women surveyed have actually done.

“We wanted to find out what mornings for professional woman are really like, with none of the social post editing and photo filters,” added Littlejohn. “We were pretty sure we would find out that mornings can be crazy, but some of the results definitely surprised us.”

Some other choice insights that the survey unearthed are both entertaining and sobering:

  • 58 per cent of women will swear at someone or to something this morning
  • 79 per cent admit to eating breakfast in a moving vehicle
  • 16 per cent would ever describe their morning with the hashtag #blessed (43 per cent chose #herewegoagain and 5 per cent named #WTF as their preferred hashtag)
  • 33 per cent never (ever) make their bed
  • 36 per cent will knowingly re-wear dirty laundry this month
  • 9 per cent cite dry shampoo as one of the 20th century’s greatest inventions
  • 24 per cent will skip breakfast if they accidentally oversleep
  • 25 per cent skip breakfast as a time-saving tactic when running late
  • 77 per cent never meditate to start the day

This is not the first foray into a unique and funny approach for Organic Valley, founded in 1988 by seven struggling Wisconsin farmers, and the first $1bn organic food company. In 2015, “Save the Bros” was a viral hit (“Without bros, who would get the club crunk?” — still a favorite line from the launch video) that promoted the company’s Organic Fuel protein recovery shake, which is currently #1 in the category.

The Organic Balance Morning Report

Checking email in bed?
On time or dress to impress?
Honey badger!
11 minutes is late?
Bag the heels?
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