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Beyoncé files lawsuit against Feyoncé clothing for 'brazenly' infringing trademark

Beyoncé is suing a texas clothing company for an unspecified amount for selling goods under the label, Feyoncé because it's too close to her trademarked title.

The singer's claim alleges that the company has ignored her requests to stop selling products using the branding saying that items could confuse consumers and cause her image "irreparable harm".

The site sells a series of clothing and household goods marked with the word, some of which carries similar characteristics to the star's official merchandise.

Accuising the firm of “brazenly” selling infringing Feyoncé goods, the star's law firm Pryor Cashman said in the complaint: “Defendants adopted the Feyoncé mark to call to mind Beyoncé and her famous song,” the lawsuit said. “Defendants’ conduct described herein is intentional, fraudulent, malicious, willful and wanton.”

It refers in particular to a mug (below) which contains graphic text saying 'Feyoncé: He put a ring on it', in reference to the artist's song 'Single Ladies'.

The lawsuit comes a year after the A-lister's lawyers seemingly complained to Etsy about a seller advertising 'Feyoncé' mugs.

Beyoncé officially launched her athleisure line Ivy Park last week by posting photos on her Instagram account, which has more than 65 million followers.

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