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1960: Alfred Hitchcock takes a tour of the Bates Motel to promote Psycho

The marketing around Alfred Hitchcock’s arguably nest movie was almost as entertaining as the lm itself, certainly revolutionary in that the British director was able to call the shots – dictating that no one be allowed into the theater once it had started for example. This alone intrigued audiences and generated news coverage. Hitchcock himself was a marketing master, building his own macabre image to the benefit of his canon of work. However, it was so important to the director that the twist of Psycho be a surprise that audiences were requested not to reveal it once they left the cinema, while the advert was shot so as not to show any footage from the lm.

Check out the trailer for Psycho on YouTube and enjoy Hitchcock taking you on a short tour through the Bates Motel while deliberately misdirecting and intriguing with ghoulish glee.

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