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2006: Dos Equis introduces the most interesting man in the world


By The Drum Team, Editorial

March 31, 2016 | 2 min read

This marketing moment was suggested by Toygar Bazarkaya, chief creative officer of the Americas at Havas.

Dos Equis The Most Interesting Man

Dos Equis The Most Interesting Man

How do you take a little-known beer brand and turn it into one of the most well-loved and recognizable in the world? Listen first. Do your homework. Research. Find the real insights, not just the obvious ones. That’s what the Havas team did, together with the client, for Dos Equis.

The strategy and creative teams at Havas conducted deep insight mining that revealed one major truth – our consumers’ deepest fear was of being boring! They wanted to be seen as intriguing and charismatic. This revelation led to a transformative insight: They’d rather be dead than dull. So the antidote was born: ‘The Most Interesting Man in the World’.

We had landed on a brand spokesman who was unexpected: more seasoned, bearded, with a tinge of an accent, who famously stated he “didn’t always drink beer,” but when he did, he preferred Dos Equis. It was a complete pivot to the status quo, and it worked.

Now, after 10 years, the campaign had to evolve with the times and the consumer. So we said farewell to the original ‘Most Interesting Man’ and have begun a complete reboot of the campaign, with new energy, a new style, new platforms and new adventures.

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Dos Equis Marketing Moments Marketing

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