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Taybot goes cray-bot: Microsoft AI suffers second Twitter meltdown

Microsoft’s fast-learning teenage girl artificial intelligence bot and neo-Nazi hate peddler returned to Twitter on Wednesday in similarly poor circumstances.

The real-time machine learning experiment looked to have emulated some of the worst qualities of the web and was last week taken offline so the team could “make adjustments” to its coding and protocols.

Following said rejig, the TayBot was resurrected on Wednesday just to find itself trapped in an apparent loop, repeating the phrase “You are too fast, please take a rest…”

Followers were apparently spammed with said response although between the noise it did appear to functioning as normal too. A Twitter user captured the chaos.

The following YouTube video shows the sheer volume of responses issued by the bot.

The account has now been made private to limit the exposure of the tweets while the developers help the software react to everything the Twittersphere will throw at it. Microsoft has not commented on the issue yet.

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