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Google boss Sundar Pichai pocketed $300m in stock and pay over 2015

Amidst an ongoing tax row enveloping Google’s financial affairs a fresh spotlight has been shone on the bumper pay packets enjoyed by the technology firms top brass, not least of which is Sundar Pichai who pocketed an impressive $300m in stock and pay over the course of 2015.

According to City AM Pichai remuneration took the form of $99.8m in equity, released following his promotion in August, alongside a hefty $199m worth of stock. Set against those figures Pichai’s actual salary of $652,500 seems quite miserly.

This windfall has propelled Pinchai to become the highest paid employee at Alphabet, Google’s parent, who is not a founder but this bumper pay has been justified on the grounds that "this level of compensation is representative of his value and the opportunities available to him outside of Alphabet".

The figures were contained in Alphabet’s annual report, which also revealed that finance chief Ruth Porat received a $25m golden handshake in the form of stock plus a $5m bonus to top up her $395k salary.

One Google figure whose recompense remains a mystery is Matt Brittin, head of its British division, who confessed to MPs that he wasn’t aware what salary he was on.