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The Drum

Colin Jeffery, Managing Partner/CCO, David&Goliath - What does it take to be a great creative?

Colin Jeffery has tread an interesting path — from his native South Africa to Singapore — to Boston and sunny LA at David&Goliath.

Awards? Check. You name one, it’s on the mantle.

Standout creative? Oh, yes. Leading Kia’s work over the years, he has been on the front line of the brand’s very well-received homage to hamsters.

He’s also had a front row seat, over the years and in his current role, to creative from some of the world’s most important brands.

Through his commitment to bravery and exploration, Jeffery has a strong opinion about what it takes to make a creative impact. The huddled masses don’t necessarily create the best work — those who dare to explore what life has to offer are setting themselves up for perpetual success.

Heed his advice. Get out there...and out of your own head.