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Dalston locals and Labour MP Dianne Abbot slam odd East London property ad

A lengthy promotional video presenting a new apartment project in London’s Dalston district has angered locals and a London MP for failing to represent the diversity and naunces of the area.

The ad for the ‘Vibe’ apartment development in East London area kicks off with 90s graphics, sparking waves of nostalgia - before embarking on a four and a half minute culture tour around London, largely excluding the Dalston area where the housing is based.

Condemning the production, released for Telford Homes, Dianne Abbot told the Evening Standard that the promotion marks “everything that is wrong with the housing market in London,” enforcing her belief that it was in turn designed for foreign buyers.

“No local buyer would believe the chocolate box version of Dalston that is presented. One of Dalston’s strengths is that it is culturally diverse. There is no hint of that in the video.”

Similarly, many locals reacted less than kindly on Twitter.

Check out the video below.

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