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Yorkshire cries foul on David Cameron’s ‘sham’ love letters

A charm offensive mounted by Prime Minister David Cameron which saw regional newspaper offices blitzed by love notes has been dismissed as all offense and no charm by the Yorkshire Post following an investigation.

In a bid to reach out to the country beyond the M25 belt Cameron penned a series of copy and paste flattering missives from Yorkshire to Lincolnshire and Northumberland, each billed as a ‘very personal’ piece by Cameron himself.

This love went unrequited in Yorkshire however after the Post refused to give credence to the ‘sham media operation’ after being offered the piece by a Downing Street press officer.

Doubts were raised upon receipt of the supposed heart felt message, which appeared to have been scripted and bore few explicit references to Yorkshire with only a passing mention of the recent floods.

It then emerged that very similar pieces had been published in Plymouth Herald, Newcastle Chronicle and Lincolnshire Echo, all of which used the phrase ‘this county is one of the many jewels in Great Britain’s crown, prefixed by some of the region’s most famous attractions.

The Yorkshire Post’s principled stance came after it failed to receive a response from the PM despite repeated questions concerning the recent floods there.