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Tru Optik and Mindshare team up to help advertisers target with 'unprecedented precision'

By Benjamin Lichtman, Contributor

March 14, 2016 | 3 min read

One of the most important developments in the media industry has been the ability to more accurately target consumers. Using advanced analytics, companies can market products in a far more focused and tailored manner than ever before. The Drum has previously reported on the changing landscape, including major efforts by the media company, Viacom, and one of its networks, VH1.

Just how targeted can advertising get? Tru Optik, the OTT measurement company, has partnered with Mindshare, the global media agency, to create so called “micro-genres” that will enable media companies to target consumers with “unprecedented precision.” One major element of the partnership is the huge amount of information that the companies will be able to leverage. The database will include anonymous information on more than 500 million consumers and will consist of more than than 20 million pieces of content; both numbers are substantial, dwarfing that of companies like Netflix.

The move, like others before, works to create smaller circles of advertising by greatly narrowing the target through “organizing titles into small clusters based on their tendency to be watched by the same consumers.” As Sameer Modha, a Partner at Mindshare noted, “we are able to identify focused content groupings based on their appeal to a certain segment of consumers...the sheer size of Tru Optik’s database allows our media clients to market their content directly to consumers in those segments all over the globe.”

As the market continues to grow, expanding globally, there will be an increased need for this sort of technology. But companies are already prepared and have anticipated those changes. It seems that as that audience grows, the targeting has only become more precise, and it will keep heading in that direction.

David Wiesenfeld, Chief Strategist at Tru Optik, summed it up well: “If you’re advertising a new movie, you can target consumers who have watched similar movies on a one-to-one basis, at scale.”

Future of TV OTT Mindshare

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