Controversial 'human rating' app Peeple set for North American re-launch


By John Glenday, Reporter

March 7, 2016 | 2 min read

Peeple, a recommendations app for members to recommend others professionally, personally or as a date, is being re-launched in North America today minus the ability to upload people without their consent.


Described ast a 'Yelp for people', the initial version of the controversial app stoked outrage for allowing members publicly rate individuals on a scale of one to five, with or without their knowledge. Both features have now been dropped in favour of a ‘recommendations’ function.

Other changes introduced by the development team include the ability for members to control what information is published on their profiles, an option for singles to opt out of the ‘dating’ category and the ability to deactivate personal pages.

Other aspects of the app will remain unchanged however with users forced to register using authentic Facebook log-in credentials to access the app.

Concerns remain about the appropriateness of the app however, particularly with the planned release of a paid for premium service in April called The Truth License which will unlock all comments made by other members whether they have chosen to publicise that information or not.


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