LADBible turns Salford air blue for foul mouthed social experiment

The LadBible, an online community for guys aged 16-30, has sought to challenge authority by despatching its social media correspondent to swear like a trooper in front of bemused passers-by at Salford Quays.

LADBible, Salford

Sparked by a local edict by Salford Council banning the use of ‘foul and abusive language’ the measure seeks to curb anti-social behaviour in the area by making it a criminal offence to swear.

This hasn’t gone down well with journalists at the bible who have taken it upon themselves to champion free speech in a way that would make Thomas Jefferson proud, maybe.

In a statement the LADbible wrote: “As a popular online publication, freedom of expression is our primary concern. When it's threatened, we take notice. And when we take notice, we act.

“As a result, we sent James Parker, our 19-year-old social media executive, down to Salford Quays to film himself putting the new PSPO to the test. Young voices are often dismissed, so we thought this would be a prime opportunity to let one teen's expression flow via Snapchat, Vine, or whatever the hell else young people use these days. “