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LinkedIn rolls out new ad targeting features

LinkedIn has made changes to how ads can be delivered on the platform after introducing a new account-based marketing feature which will allow advertisers to use their own data to more accurately target ads.


The new feature, which will roll out from tomorrow (2 March), now makes it possible for advertisers to aim sponsored InMail and sponsored updates towards businesses which they want to generate sales from.

Russell Glass, the head of products for LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, told Tech Crunch that the company-targeting features currently available were inefficient because of the manual process and the cap of 100 companies and so changes were made to support account-based marketing.

LinkedIn Account Targeting will allow businesses to input their own list of accounts which LinkedIn then cross references to create a user segment for ad targeting.

The feature can also be combined with LinkedIn’s other targeting features which would allow advertisers to tailor their campaigns to certain job titles in specific regions to thousands of companies.

Glass said that the new features would allow marketers to become “more aligned with what the sales team is already doing".

Other features in the works include Audience Matching which LinkedIn says will give advertisers more options with the data collected.

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