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Kid-safe YouTube network launched by SuperAwesome

SuperAwesome, the digital engagement platform for kids, has launched its first kid-safe branded content on YouTube to enable advertisers to safely target the valuable family/kid creators segment of the video sharing platform.

Kidfluencer allows brands such as Hasbro, Lego and Warner Bros to target as many as 250m kids per month with AwesomeAds ensuring that digital adverts won’t track children’s behaviour whilst guaranteeing the appropriateness and safety of content.

Dylan Collins, SuperAwesome chief executive commented: “The centennial generation are not bound by a single digital destination. They consume vast amounts of content. For brands to reach this audience, a network approach is the only way you can be sure your message is getting through.

“Brands can now engage the creativity of our approved family content creators on YouTube to amaze and excite their audience, with the safety and compliance always guaranteed by SuperAwesome. The beauty of this opportunity for brands is not only the amazing creativity and targeted reach of the creators they will be working with, but also the ability to massively amplify through SuperAwesome’s huge under-13 digital footprint - the largest kids digital engagement platform in the world“

All content to have been scrutinised by SuperAwesome to ensure compliance will display a ‘safe ad’ padlock logo.

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