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Burger King makes alterations to McDonald’s really big ad board stunt

Burger King has responded to its rival McDonald’s attempt to misdirect drivers in need of fast food.

McDonald’s France earlier this week erected a sizeable ad board (shown below), comparing how close its outlet is to the village of Brioude (5km), and how far Burger King is (258km).

The company has over 1,000 McDrive Thrus in France and the billboard informed viewers how much easier it is to commute to its outlets than those of fast food rival Burger King.

In response, Burger King and agency Buzzman altered McDonald's original ad, giving it a more suitable conclusion.

The new ad concludes “only 253km to go before your Whopper, thank you McDonald’s for being everywhere”.

BK tipped McDonald’s claim that it has more outlets in France by falling on the age old argument that consumers are always willing to travel for quality.

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