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Jeep unleashes interactive ad for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

jeep ad

Jeep is continuing its partnership with Warner Bros’ highly anticipated movie Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice with a new interactive ad campaign tying thw film and its Renegade SUV model.

The link-up with Warner Bros kicked off with a new Jeep ad which showed Ben Affleck, who plays Bruce Wayne in the film, driving through the streets of Metropolis in a Jeep Renegade SUV model.

Now Jeep UK has collaborated with the filmmakers to launch a the online ad campaign in which superhero fans choose their allegiance to Batman or Superman.

The 'Battle of the Renegades' sees viewers attempt to escape an impending catastrophe in a Jeep Renegade while tasked with making some key decisions. Those who take part have the chance to win a range of prizes, including live themed driving experiences and cinema tickets to Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, as well as a range of other related digital content.

Damien Dally, head of brand, Jeep UK described the collaboration with the film as a “very exciting moment for Jeep”.

“This partnership not only showcases the Renegade’s off-road capabilities and why it’s such as success in the UK, but also aligns with our brand values of enabling people to go anywhere and do anything.”

Rachel Bateman, head of live engagement at World of Initials, said the campaign provided “an exciting opportunity for us to create a unique brand experience that would engage a broad audience base.

Describing the campaign Bateman said: “The interactive experience invites the viewer to become a hero and help people evade impending catastrophe by defeating obstacles, explosions and rough terrain with the help of a Jeep Renegade."

The online only ad is available at the dedicated website in the run up to the film’s 25 march 2016 release.

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