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IBM’s Oscar ads feature its Watson cognitive computing system talking to Carrie Fisher and Ridley Scott

IBM has unveiled two ads that are set to air during this Sunday’s Oscars that feature actress Carrie Fisher and film director Ridley Scott.

Although the videos feature two high-profile celebs, the real star of the ads is IBM’S Watson computing system that is capable of answering questions.

In the ad featuring Scott (above), Watson discusses visual storytelling in movies with him. Watson tells Scott that he thinks a healthcare professional could be played by Matt Damon.

Fisher shares the spotlight with a number of dejected robots who no longer feel needed anymore. At a support group for bots, the robots become angry when they notice Watson, who Fisher says she invited to “confront the source of our anxiety.”

They become angry over Watson’s “willingness to work with humans,” so Fisher decides to call a coffee break.

See the spot below:

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