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By Tony Connelly, Sports Marketing Reporter

February 25, 2016 | 2 min read

Reebok is championing wine in its latest women’s fitness drive after partnering with Wine Wednesday creator April Storey.

The sports brand has inked a deal with Storey, a 24 year-old exercise blogger, to promote her unique home workout regime that revolves around using wine bottles for exercise.

Storey, who holds a Bachelor of Science in Health Education, developed her fitness program around the idea that fitness opportunities are not limited to gyms or specially designed exercise equipment and can instead use everyday household items.

The Redding, California-based mother of one said: “Part of the reason I do workouts at my house is because it’s hard to get to the gym, so the majority of my workouts are at home without expensive equipment. I just use household items.”

The concept fits well with Reebok’s recent mantra of ‘Be More Human’, an ethos which promotes natural fitness which isn’t confined to gyms.

In Reebok blog post written by the company’s senior global content manager, Blair Hammond, says that they were “so inspired by Storey’s fun and relatable take on fitness, that we decided to give her style of working out a try at our headquarters in Boston in celebration of Wine Wednesday.”

Hammond points out that “despite conventional thinking, fancy workout equipment isn’t actually required to get in a good workout. Where some people see a simple chair, others see an opportunity for leg dips or a surface for push-ups.”

Reebok's partnership with Storey comes after her #WineWorkout video went viral with 19m views.


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