By Minda Smiley, Reporter

February 18, 2016 | 2 min read

Standing on a crowded elevator before the workday begins is never fun, especially if that elevator is filled with colleagues breathing their stale coffee breath on you while trying to make small talk.

But Dentyne may have a solution for just that. The brand has rolled out a series of four wacky spots to try and prove its gum is so fresh, people will actually go out of their way to show it off – even if it means breathing on unassuming strangers in an elevator.

In one ad, a woman breathes into a mason jar, closes it with a lid and then hands it to a man standing next to her as if it’s a gift. In another, a woman yawns into her hands and then shoves them into a stranger’s face while she smugly smiles.

Created by McCann New York, the films are running in the US and Canada across TV, online, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.


North American Chief Creative Officer: Eric Silver

Co-Chief Creative Officer: Tom Murphy

Co-Chief Creative Officer: Sean Bryan

Creative Director: Matt Swinburne

Creative Director: Jillian Groger

Copywriter: Molly Wilkoff

Art Director: Zoe Kessler

Group Strategy Director: Julien Delatte

Senior Strategist: Amanda Perring

Group Account Director: Dina Hovanessian

Group Account Director: Olivia Heeren

Account Executive: Chris Chew

Account Executive: Danielle Jimenez

Chief Production Officer: Nathy Aviram

Senior Integrated Producer: Alexis Mead

Director: Jeff Low/Biscuit Filmworks

Editor: The Cutting Room, Chuck Willis (Internet) and Jamie Connors (TV)

Art Director: Benjamin Vendramin

Writer: Jesse Potack

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