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Jeb Bush shoots from the hip with incendiary last ditch gun tweet

Jeb Bush’s lacklustre campaign to obtain the candidacy of the Republican party for the US presidential elections has sparked into life after the politician tweeted an image of a personalised handgun alongside the word ‘America’.

Engraved with the words Gov. Jeb Bush the image of the deadly weapon has finally drawn media coverage away from Donald Trump as Bush seeks to reposition himself as a pro-gun conservative in a last throw of the dice to win back support from the party faithful.

The intervention immediately reignited ever present arguments over gun control in the US but isn’t likely to cause him any harm in the upcoming South Carolina Republican presidential primary, where Bush currently trails in fourth and the right to bear arms remains overwhelmingly popular.

Amongst the more liberal Twitteratti however it is a different matter with the tweet elevating Bush into a trending topic with close to 19,000 retweets, the second highest number the candidate has ever received aside from a ‘sorry mum’ apology after admitting he’d dabbled with cannabis.

Amongst those to weigh into the argument were CNNhost and ardent anti-gun campaigner Piers Morgan who tweeted: "How can any decent American not be appalled by that @JebBush gun tweet? Where is your fury? Where is your shame? Where is your conscience?"

Exiled whistleblower Edward Snowden however responded simply with the message ‘delete your account’.

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