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The top ten shows on Netflix and Hulu in January 2016


By Natan Edelsburg, SVP

February 16, 2016 | 5 min read

Last month was busy for binge watchers on Netflix and Hulu. What stood out, not surprisingly, was Making a Murderer, the true crime docu-series on Netflix that reigned in number one and at nearly 40%. Here are the charts and insights from SimilarWeb.


  • Making a Murderer dropped on Netflix on December 18th, and the show is showing no signs of slowing down. In January, the show was by far the most watched show on Netflix and took 40% of the top traffic share. How long will the Steven Avery obsession last? Follow our updates here to find out if Making a Murderer still tops the Netflix charts in February.
  • Ever since Jessica Jones was released in November, the show has been extremely popular among Netflix viewers and for the second month in a row, the Marvel show sits in second place.
  • What happened to F is for Family? The animated sitcom was off to a great start in December and held 12% of the top traffic, but is nowhere to be seen on January’s list.
  • Instead, January was a month where older, more recognized sitcoms did well on Netflix, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia was top among sitcoms, ranking third in January.
  • Other sitcoms that did well were How I Met your Mother in fifth, Family Guy in sixth, Parks and Recreation in seventh, Friends at eight, and New Girl in tenth. Yes, Netflix viewers love to laugh.
  • Outside of these sitcoms, Narcos is still quite a popular show for Netflix viewers and though the series dropped in August, it still ranked fourth in January.
  • Grey’s Anatomy and The Walking Dead are 2 shows which were popular in December, but less so in January, both dropped out of the top 10, allowing Breaking Bad to return to the rankings in ninth.


  • For the first time since August 2015, South Park is not the top show on Hulu. So who killed Kenny and displaced South Park from the top? You can blame Peter Griffin, as Family Guy is now tops on Hulu with 15% of the traffic share.
  • Not only is South Park not in first, Brooklyn Nine Nine was successful in pushing the show down to third. Jake Peralta and the gang at the station were extremely popular among Hulu viewers in January, as the show jumped 3 places to claim the second spot on the rankings.
  • Two shows, Saturday Night Live and Modern Family remain unchanged in rank from December and both shows seem to have a fairly consistent audience.
  • The X-Files released a mini-series which began to air on January 24th and the show has proven it is still popular 14 years after the last episode aired on May 19th, 2002. The show ranked fifth on Hulu and took 9.5% of the traffic share.
  • One Punch Man, a Japanese manga series, was extremely popular in December, but the show failed to keep up its momentum in January and dropped from third last month, to outside the top 10 in January.
  • The Flash has been all over the rankings in recent months. The show ranked third in November, tenth in December, and now seventh in January. Like the character himself, the shows audience likes to move swiftly.
  • New Girl and Law and Order SVU are new to January’s rankings and displaced Quantico and Seinfeld who both fell outside the top 10.
  • Trevor Noah got a boost in December, likely as a result of Jon Stewart’s surprise appearance. The show found itself in seventh but fell a couple spots in January and is in danger of not ranking in the coming months.

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