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Line taps into the social media sweet spot of foodies with new app

Japan-based Line Corporation, the company behind the messaging app Line, has created a new app that could help it own one of the biggest passion points in social media; food.

The ‘Foodie’ app aims to help people take the best photos of their fares, or make them more delicious, before sharing it on other social networks, such as Line, Instagram and Twitter.

According to Line Corporation it’s following the lead of its app B612 that was launched in 2014 and is dedicated to selfies. The app has amassed over 100m downloads in that time, suggesting single-use photography apps can garner huge scale.

The app includes features such as an auto blurring effect, to replicate SLR photography, as well as 24 types of food filters that are optimised for different types of cuisine, such as meat, sushi or cake.

The app also has a feature that helps people find the best position to take, using the camera and vibration to tell the user when the camera is in the best place (horizontally above the subject - for a flat lay position).

The app is available on both Android and iOS.