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'Keep lead generation on track' - Marketo's Tips for the B2B Marketer


By Laurie Fullerton, Freelance Writer

February 11, 2016 | 6 min read

B2B lead generation is a huge topic with content marketing, in-person connections and referrals considered to be the three most important tactics in lead generation marketing.

However, for those just starting to nurture new business relationships, or refresh or relaunch a content marketing strategy, the lead generation company Marketo has outlined nine quick B2B lead generation strategies.

1. Optimize Strong Content with Relevant CTAs

Optimize high-performing content by adding a call-to-action (CTA)—or updating an old one. Ask users to sign up, share, or follow. For example, the report suggests to encourage your audience to engage with the content you have submitted. In other words, encourage a click through by suggesting they “download the EBook” or “Reserve My Seat” instead of the less inspiring “Submit” or “Here” tab. Use visual cues that direct the viewer’s attention and train of thought.

2. Keep Prospects Warm with Exit-Intent Pop-ups

Immediate pop-ups will turn off many web visitors, but a key strategy in using exit-intent pop-up can keep prospects warm. By providing a “yes” or “no” option with your exit-intent pop up, the report suggests this strategy can increase conversions by 30 to 40 per cent. Creating clear action triggers with simple text and responsive design is also highly effective. The idea is not to paralyze a mobile user who cannot engage with or get out of your ad.

3. Tell A Story Through SlideShare

SlideShare is a slide hosting service that allows users to upload presentation slides to share online. Over 70 per cent of SlideShare traffic comes from targeted searches by professionals looking for specific solutions making leads more relevant. The key is using bold headlines and visuals and simple, relevant key words. By using fewer words and more pictures, you can break up the slide presentation with targeted text. Conventional wisdom states you can share up to 60 slides to tell your story, the report highlights one big idea with each slide. Any additional key features in the slide presentation of charts or diagrams can really help sell your brand.

4. Use Video Content to Educate and Set Your Brand Apart

Taking video content to the next level, and establishing your brand as an industry leader and go-to business can be achieved from an educational and informative standpoint, the report suggests. By creating excitement with headlines that promise to solve or identify key ‘pain points,’ a good strategy is to link the website with information about resources or content that generate the opportunity to connect. A good rule of thumb is to send reminders, follow-up emails and industry news once you have gotten connected.

5. Gate Premium Content

While the Marketo study suggests that 77 per cent of users expect that they will have to provide basic information for white papers and eBooks, it remains important to make it worth their time and effort. Some key methods of gating premium content is by using intelligent, interesting forms to avoid repeat fill-out requests, while creating an SEO-optimized landing page for each piece of gated content. Re-directing the landing page – after download – should include suggesting a link for the purpose of social shares.

6. Repurpose Content with a “Best Of” List for Different Channels

Breathe new life into existing content by grouping several of your hottest posts into a “Best of” list, or bundling them together for downloading, the report suggests.

For example, a well-performing blog post is a conversation starter for LinkedIn groups to get ideas and learn what your target audience has to say about the topic. Further, an effective strategy is to take a series of articles bundled into a well-designed eBook and host it on a landing page with a gated download for the purpose of collecting fresh email addresses for new leads. Additionally, the report an infographic for Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook or SlideShare to expand your audience and draw new attention to existing work.

7. Co-Brand/Co-Author Your eBook

Authoring or co-authoring an eBook is a strong brand strategy in B2B marketing, the report suggests. By creating a strategic partnership it remains a great way to get a fresh, new audience, and as co-authors there is the opportunity to market professionally produced content. Some important tips included partnering with a company whose products complement yours or are something potential customers may need. The report suggests that in publishing content, it is important to work with a highly reputable company—large or small—that’s established in another channel, or who slightly expands your demographic, or is an industry expert.

8. Offer a Free Assessment, Trial, or Demo

A free offer or free assessment is a great way to learn more about a prospects’ likes and dislikes, goals, challenges and pain points. Consider providing a link that helps prospects understand if your product is right for them, the report suggests. A demo is an opportunity to introduce a product and a trial can increase the chances for purchasing or establishing an opportunity for feedback and interaction.

9. Keep it Simple – Create a Personalized Direct Mail Campaign

Reach out to customers who you have done business with in the past, but also as a reminder to anyone who has signed up for your email list but hasn’t taken the next step. By segmenting customers and buyers based on buying patterns and time lapsed, a target list with a personalized message will result. Further, remind the contact that your organization is offering a free report or white paper. Keep your customer service team in the loop so that when a potential customer makes contact, they have the distinct impression that your company already knows them.

The Marketo report suggests that the key to B2B lead generation is to diversify your marketing touch-points and highlight or enhance your value. Instead of the anonymous page views from a user who may not be ready to buy, set up a plan to offer more personalized information and fresh ideas. That way the interested parties start to fill the pipeline and will remember you when they are ready to buy.

B2B Marketing Video Marketo

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