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The biggest social TV busts from the past week: Susan Sarandon's #clevagegate wasn't a big deal


By Natan Edelsburg, SVP

February 10, 2016 | 5 min read

With the Super Bowl and FX's premiere of OJ, it was a big week for TV. The moment that failed to actually cause a stir on TV was Susan Sarandon's outfit at the SAG Awards. Here are the details from Union Metrics and editor-in-chief Jenn Deering Davis.

Last week's biggest TV news:

  • A lot of the big TV news last week was about a little game called the Super Bowl. Since we already know that wasn't a bust, we're going to focus on what else was going on around all that football and all those commercials.
  • Netflix officially confirmed they were reviving Gilmore Girls, with participation from most of the original cast. Gilmore Girls originally aired from 2000-2007, and has been a fan favorite every since. The show will return in the form of four 90-minute episodes, and filming began on February 2.
  • Grease: Live! aired on Fox on Sunday, January 31. It got 12.2 million same-day viewers, which were higher ratings for the past two live musicals aired on NBC.
  • CBS announced on February 3 that there would be a crossover episode of its popular Supergirl series with The CW's The Flash. The crossover episode will air on March 28. Both Supergirl and The Flash are DC characters, and this will be the first time these iterations of the superheroes come together on screen.
  • Susan Sarandon caused a bit of a stir across Hollywood and social media on Saturday, January 30 when she appeared at the SAG Awards in a revealing bra top. In particular, Piers Morgan took offense at her sartorial choice, tweeting multiple times and spawning the #cleavagegate hashtag.
  • FX premiered the first episode of the first season of its new American Crime Story series. This first season - The People v O.J. Simpson - premiered on February 2. The episode brought in 5.1 million viewers.

Twitter's reaction to the news:

  • Gilmore Girls generated 72k tweets the day of the announcement, and another 100k tweets over the next week. That's a little less than recent news of the Friends reunion, but still a large conversation.
  • Grease Live earned 1.2 million tweets the day it aired. The live version of The Wiz earned 1.6 million tweets. While the audience ratings were slightly higher for Grease, more than a million tweets is very respectable for a show like this.
  • New of the Supergirl and Flash crossover generated 51k tweets the day it was announced. Tweets about Supergirl more than doubled the day of the announcement, up from an average of 25k-30k per episode.
  • There were 12k tweets about Susan Sarandon and the SAG Awards. The #cleavagegate hashtag itself only generated 1,020 tweets all week.
  • The People v. O.J. Simpson generated 97k tweets the day it premiered. This show has been compared to another one of FX's successful crime anthologies, Fargo. The People generated 3x more tweets than Fargo's most recent premiere episode. In the past week, there have been more than 160k tweets about the show.
  • That brings us to last week's biggest bust, the TV news story that failed to take off on Twitter. The pun is almost so obvious that I hate to make it, but #cleavagegate was the biggest bust of the week. Most of the tweets about Sarandon were supportive of or positive toward the actress or dismissive of the entire story. The outrage that Morgan expressed just failed to catch on across Twitter, particular in the form of the #cleavagegate hashtag itself.

Jenn Deering Davis is Editor-in-Chief of the San Francisco-based social analytics company Union Metrics. She has 15 years of industry and academic experience in organizational communications, social media and research, spending her career turning turning data into effective stories and helping stakeholders more easily understand new technologies. Union Metrics has been delivering social media answers to brands and marketers since the company launched TweetReach in 2009. Today, Union Metrics’ multi-channel social analytics are used by thousands of digital marketers at the world’s most innovative brands to optimize social media strategies and create impactful campaigns across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. Visit Union Metrics at unionmetrics.com and @unionmetrics to learn more.

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