By Doug Zanger, Americas Editor

February 3, 2016 | 1 min read

Filed under, “I can’t believe I’m watching this, but I can’t take my eyes off of it,” Mountain Dew is back in the Super Bowl ad mix with a :30 spot, created by BBDO New York. Promoting Mtn. Dew Kickstart flavors, and the three key product attributes (Dew, juice, caffeine), the main character is a mashup of three things people tend to love in Super Bowl commercials: puppies, babies and monkeys.

Somewhat bizarre, but certainly on track with previous Mtn. Dew Kickstart work, #puppymonkeybaby gets a trio of tired gentlemen in the mood for an evening out and features an infectious beat, with #puppymonkeybaby playing a prominent role, to get the lads up and moving.

This marks the first foray into Super Bowl advertising in more than 15 years.

Comments so far on YouTube are mixed (for the record, I’m a fan of random) and we dare you not to say #puppymonkeybaby once you watch it.

Golin Russell Westbrook #puppymonkeybaby

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