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Fine Brothers Youtube React

YouTube’s Fine Brothers react to ‘react’ trademark bid


By John Glenday, Reporter

February 2, 2016 | 2 min read

Youtube’s Fine Brothers, proponents of the popular ‘reaction video’ format, in which viewers are filmed watching provocative clips, have stirred controversy of their own after attempting to trademark the term ‘react’.

Fine Brothers, YouTube

Fellow videographers were swift to pour scorn on the attempt as the term has entered popular parlance through its massive popularity, which has even penetrated the mainstream with videos in this style produced by US chat show host Ellen DeGeneres.

The Fine Brothers themselves produce a number of different targeted react series for different audiences including Kids React, Teens React and YouTubers React – all of which would be trademarked.

Under the terms of the Brothers’ proposed licensing scheme other producers would be able to make use of the term ‘react’ as well as graphics and music associated with brand but this hasn’t assuaged critics who fear an attempt to stifle competition.

One outraged YouTuber, Jon from Many a Nerd, told the BBC: “They had a bunch of trademarks already and nobody minded. But the moment they got to just the word 'react', it was just too commonly used.

"People aren't sure whether they will fall foul of the trademark. As creators, we have sympathy that you want to protect your content from being stolen - but in this case it's too far.”

In an effort to clarify their licensing plan the Fine Brothers posted on Facebook: “We are in no way claiming reaction content in general is our intellectual property.

"We are not going after/shutting down/suing anyone who makes reaction-based content.”

After their explanation failed to convince audiences, they have now dumped plans to trademark and license a popular video format.

Fine Brothers Youtube React

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