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Why Dov Charney's new clothing brand will start out life offline

Dov Charney, the ousted founder of fashion brand American Apparel, is to start up a new clothing venture that will start out life in stores rather than online.

While few details are known about the new brand, it appears it will bear close resemblance to American Apparel and be manufactured entirely in the US, investor Chad Hagan told Women's Wear Daily, who added that it won't start out life as a "funny" online brand and will initially focus on wholesale.

"What's important to us now is we're able to form this new venture and put Dov at the helm and we're going to do basics again. We don't want to just start with some funny, online brand. We're going to do what Dov does best and then establish a robust e-commerce system. But we will not be debuting just as an online retailer."

Despite the controversy surrounding Charney's exist from American Apparel, Hagan said that he and the company's investors are behind the clothing entrepreneur.

"Dov is a colourful CEO, but we've been witnessing a lot of emotions from both sides in this bankruptcy."