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Ashley Madison exposes the perfect way to mask adulterous philanderers

Extramarital affair dating website Ashley Madison has introduced a new feature to obscure the identity of its users – profile masks.

Masquerade masks are on offer looking to help hide the faces of the site’s users, many of whom are encouraged to cheat upon their spouses.

The profile sticker however could be seen as too little too late after the Avid Life Media company last year saw leaked the personal data of an estimated 50m members across the Ashley Madison, Cougar Life and Established Men businesses.

The Casanova style masks are an additional security measure following the hack, which computer security tycoon John McAfee has alleged was an inside job.

The feature is described as follows on the site: “We respect your need for discretion so we've added some tools to keep your identity a secret. Upload a new photo and you will have the option to crop it and add a mask.”

Users have the choice of either a black or brown mask with the system using facial recognition to determine the placement of said obstruction.

The website claims to have 43m users worldwide.