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Vote: The Top 50 Super Bowl Marketing Moments - Disney World, Google, Snickers

We want you to rate the top 50 Super Bowl marketing moments to help us find the most significant. Our round up continues below:

The Original GoDaddy?


Because that racy Noxema spot with Farah Fawcett and Joe Namath was scandalous back then.

“He’s Got To Be The Sickest Man In America." - Verne Lundquist

Because that would have been one hell of an Internet meme.

Puppy Love


Because, according to TiVo, it’s considered the best of all-time. And, PUPPIES!!

The Ads Were Better Than The Game

Because the 49ers blew out the Broncos, and we were more interested in the ads than the game itself.

“America’s Team.”

Because after their win in Super Bowl XII, the Dallas Cowboys truly became a brand, not just a team.

Like a Girl

Because, well, f**k yeah, it’s amazing and the shortened version found 115 million new people to impact.

Social Super Bowl Stuff

Because you don’t necessarily need to spend $5m on 30-seconds.


Because Betty White and Abe Vigoda. If you don't know who either of them are Google/Bing them. You’re welcome.

“I’m Going To Disney World!”



Because it was native advertising before we even knew to call it native advertising.


Because in 2010, admit it, you welled up a little watching Google’s “Parisian

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